Clarkes Farmers Butchery offers a unique personal service for the region’s livestock farmers, taking their home-reared animals from field to farm shop in a careful, quick and stress-free process. We arrange for the abbattoir to collect them from your farms, and once matured properly and butchered to suit, we return the shop-ready joints and cuts in your own unique farm shop packaging to go on your shelves. 

It’s good to know that in the heart of the East Anglian countryside, there is a company, Clarkes Farmers Butchery that has the ability, skills and service to meet the stringent due diligence and legal requirements for an EC licensed cutting plant.

So if you have your own herds and flocks and run a farm shop, we are the perfect solution to having your own livestock carefully prepared and quality packaged for your discerning clientele.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help easily and properly deliver your prime home-reared meats from pasture into your farm shop.

For all smallholders and farmers wanting your own home-reared livestock and interested in our meat cutting services, CFB specialise in hanging and butchering your carcasses to your very specific requirements. Please do get in touch with us to find out more.